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Who We Are

   The Arizona Balloon Club, as it is commonly know as today, was founded in 1974 as The Gila and Salt River base and Meridian Hot Air Balloon and Airship Ascension Social Society, Inc. The Club is dedicated to perpetuating the sport of Hot Air Ballooning.
   Made up mostly of sport balloonists our membership does include a few experienced gas balloonists (those are the balloons you see in the old movies with the nets on them and sandbags hanging off the sides), as well as, several full-time commercial balloonists.
   The Arizona Balloon Club fosters safety and education in our sport, holds competitions, sponsors safety seminars and holds regular monthly meetings.
   When we aren't flying, we talk about balloons, look at pictures and keep watching the sky and the thermometer to be ready for our next flight.

When We Meet
   Club General Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Do check this site periodically for updates on meeting locations and special guest speakers. You need not be a member to attend – guests are always welcome. Come and see what we are all about. For more information on the club's events and activities please explore this site. **Be sure to check our event schedule before general meeting date as location is subject to change certain months.

During our ballooning season (October to May), we hold several events, two of which are "The Arizona Hot Air Balloon Championship" and "The Club Trophy Race". These events are for the serious competitors. There are other less formal events that are intended for those who are not diehard competitors but who like to see if they can win. They are held each month and usually take on a fun theme like "George Birthington's Washday" (that's not a typo). Our members are also active in organizing and attending other events around the state which are not club sponsored events.

B.R.A.V.O. Award –
for a “Balloonist Recognized As Very Outstanding”
Each year the club recognizes one special member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Arizona Balloon Club and/or the sport of ballooning in general. Individual nominations from the membership are submitted, in writing, to the Board of Directors for consideration. The recipient of this honor is awarded, generally at the June membership meeting, with an appreciation plaque and also receives a one year paid membership.

2005-2006 B.R.A.V.O. Winner - Stan Debber


Keeper of the Log:
Keeper of the Fuel:
Past Commander:

Dorothy Harrison
Gene Clewly
Linda Bowen
Allen Baron
Molly Jurhill-Karlovec

Mike England
Max Debber
Stan Debber
Frank Karlovec
Jim Newnam

Awards & Trophies
Community Relations
Competition Director
Government Relations
Internet Chairperson
Picnics & Parties
Raffle Coordinator
Safety Officer

Sue Farley
Gary Stevens
Phil Heinrich
Molly Jurhill-Karlovec
Bill Heck
Judy Holt
Bill Heck
Max Debber
Sally Heinrich
Fred Gorrell

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arizona balloon club
Arizona Balloon Club 2013