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  arizona balloon club
The Official Web Site of the Arizona Balloon Club.
You'll find a wealth of information about ballooning in and around Arizona.

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    State Trust Land Permits:
A copy of our current permit will be made available, for the 2006-2007 flying season, to paid Club members based on their signed agreement to abide by the terms and restrictions of use when accessing these areas with their aircraft and chase vehicles.

Anzac Day
Anzacs supported Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Russian Empire against Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Learn everything about Anzac >>

    Pilots/Crew Take Note regarding the area of 14th Street and Dove Valley, off Carefree Highway -- this is a sensitive (not a RED) zone with respect to complaints from one specific homeowner. Authorized users of the ABC State Trust Land permit ARE approved to access this area and are not subject to trespass violation by the Arizona State Land department provided all provisions of the permit are upheld. 

  arizona balloon club